More truth about the theatre business

By May 1, 2008 One Comment

Gene Sobczak, executive director of Denver’s Arvada Centre on their 30% drop in attendance last year (follow-up quote from artistic director Rod Lansberry):

In our line of work, everything we do loses money,” Sobczak said. “It’s the nature of professional theater and nonprofits.” Or, as Lansberry puts it: “If theaters made money, they would be on every corner, like Starbucks.”

So the more theater you do, Sobczak said, “The more money you lose. Part of our expense equation is we’re losing more money by doing more.”

[Denver Post online]

One Comment

  • che tibby says:

    what the?!

    where the hell did this guy find that much lipstick?

    sure, theatres might lose money, but surely it’s cyclical? some seasons make money, some don’t?

    an overall and consistent fall in revenue surely says, “get rid of the pig. make more with the bear being funny.”