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More truth about the theatre business

By May 1, 2008One Comment

Gene Sobczak, exec­ut­ive dir­ect­or of Denver’s Arvada Centre on their 30% drop in attend­ance last year (follow-up quote from artist­ic dir­ect­or Rod Lansberry):

In our line of work, everything we do loses money,” Sobczak said. “It’s the nature of pro­fes­sion­al theat­er and non­profits.” Or, as Lansberry puts it: “If theat­ers made money, they would be on every corner, like Starbucks.”

So the more theat­er you do, Sobczak said, “The more money you lose. Part of our expense equa­tion is we’re los­ing more money by doing more.”

[Denver Post online]

One Comment

  • che tibby says:

    what the?!

    where the hell did this guy find that much lipstick?

    sure, theatres might lose money, but surely it’s cyc­lic­al? some sea­sons make money, some don’t?

    an over­all and con­sist­ent fall in rev­en­ue surely says, “get rid of the pig. make more with the bear being funny.”