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Danny Boyle is one of my favourite directors. From Shallow Grave in 1994 to 127 Hours in 2010, his work has stimulated and inspired me. I re-watched Trainspotting the other day and it still made everything else I saw that week seem old-fashioned. Everything, that is, except Trance which just happens to be Boyle’s new [...]



On Tuesday night I was privileged to host a new initiative from the Light House Cinema chain - a brief survey of a director's career prior to a special preview of their latest film. In this case, the director was Danny Boyle and his new film, Trance, will be reviewed here on Monday. I had [...]


Cinematica 3/25: Smoke & Mirrors

NZFF Director Bill Gosden joins us for the whole show, Simon goes into a Trance watching the new Danny Boyle, Kailey reports back from the land of romance-obsessed teenage girls (The Host) and Dan enlists in Hasbro's own special forces - the G.I. Joes. Check out this episode


Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire was my film of the year for 2009 - a potent and punchy roller-coaster ride of a film that made everything for months afterwards seem quaintly old-fashioned. His new film, 127 Hours, doesn’t break the mould to quite the same degree but does feature similar stylistic effects: messing with time and [...]


2009 Wellington Cinema Year in Review

Welcome to the 2010 “cut out and keep” guide to video renting (or downloading or however you consume your home entertainment these days). I suggest you clip this article, fold it up, stick it in your wallet or purse and refer to it whenever you are at the video shop, looking for something to while [...]


Is it too early to suggest that we might be living in a golden age of cinema? Think of the filmmakers working in the commercial realm these days who have distinctive voices, thrilling visual sensibilities, solid intellectual (and often moral) foundations, a passion for combining entertainment with something more - along with an abiding love [...]

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