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RN 4/1: Under New Management


Dan and Kailey talk about Bond #24 — Spectre — and Hunger Games #4 — Mockingjay Part 2 — plus the usual mix of box office stats and other news from the world of moving pictures. Includes the usual search engine pleasing Game of Thrones reference. Show notes: As promised, a selection of tweets we received while we were away. [View …


Welcome to Widescreen!

After a few weeks of development, testing, angst and aggro, I can finally announce the new project I’ve been cooking up at Radio New Zealand. Here’s a short trailer video explaining what it’s all about. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WS1uoCYC1A   As an added bonus, if you can name all the films and TV shows featured in the above clip, email the …


There are big changes afoot in the world of Rancho Notorious as Dan accepts an offer to go and work for Radio New Zealand. All will be explained in this episode. Kailey and Dan also summarise lots of recent releases at the New Zealand cinema including Trainwreck, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Southpaw, Vacation, Last Cab to …


Kailey and Dan are joined by former Sight & Sound scribe Tom Webb, now resident in Wellington, to discuss Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation, Woody Allen’s Irrational Man and Tom’s picks for this year’s NZIFF. Warning! This features the most inept plot summary of a blockbuster movie this — or any — year. Right-click to download this episode! Show …


RN 3/4: Views of the NZIFF Mountain


Kailey and Dan are joined from Auckland by film maker and appreciator Doug Dillaman to discuss the first week of the 2015 New Zealand International Film Festival. Dan also interviews The Duke of Burgundy writer/director Peter Strickland. Right-click to download this episode! Show notes! Dan’s epic NZIFF preview on Radio New Zealand: Kailey’s second recent appearance on Radio New Zealand’s Standing …


RN 3/3: 2015 NZIFF Special


Kailey and Dan are joined by NZIFF director Bill Gosden to preview this year’s event plus interviews with Daniel Junge (director of Being Evel) and Christian Petzold, the writer/director of the wonderful Phoenix. Right-click to download this episode! Show notes! Here’s Arthur, the Rancho Notorious mascot and lap warmer And a closeup. Kailey is now the official ring-in for film reviews on …

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