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Burnt forest hero picNikos Pilos fires HIRES copyBurnt forest hero picNikos Pilos fires HIRES copy

Documentarian Alister Barry talks to Dan Slevin about his latest film Hot Air, on screen at the New Zealand International Film Festival in July.


Latest Nine to Noon

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By way of a sneak preview of a lot of what I will say on Rancho Notorious tonight, here’s this morning’s film segment from Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon.


Call to Arms


As they say in the movies, “It’s quiet… too quiet.” Yeah, sorry about that but I’ve had a lot on recently. Here’s the deal. In October last year (2013 if you are visiting here via Google and the date is not otherwise obvious) I had to stop editing ONFILM magazine due to the inconvenience of not …

Dallas Buyers Club poster

When we meet Texan man’s man Ron Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey) at the beginning of Dallas Buyers Club he is a mess – a shocking, disreputable, selfish combination of drunk, thief, womaniser and gambler. He doesn’t look so hot either. Soon after that, during a routine hospital check – routine for Ron is the equivalent of …


Nine to Noon – back from the summer break

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Kathryn Ryan and the team at Nine to Noon started back earlier this week after the long summer break. This week, I spoke breathlessly about the big summer movies including Nebraska, The Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle — and also took a moment to talk up The Pa Boys which opens on Waitangi …


Cinematica 5/14: Kailey’s Last Show


We do the American Hustle with David O. Russell and his cast of Oscar-nominees, take a trip to Burma with The Railway Man, ask whether it’s true that there’s no fool like an old fool in Last Vegas and say goodbye to Kailey after two and a half years. Check out this episode

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