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First Nine to Noon appearance of the year

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After what seems like weeks of holidays, Summer Noelles and Matinee Idles, Radio New Zealand National is pretty much back to normal which means the return of my fortnightly movie reviews. Let this be a little placeholder now that Rancho Notorious has become a fortnightly release. This week: Still Alice, Force Majeure, American Sniper, Unbroken and a …


RN 2/10: Straight to video


Dan and Kailey are joined by Steve Austin on the line from Auckland to talk about “Straight to Video”, his blog reviewing the increasing number of films that don’t get a theatrical release in New Zealand (including James Gray’s The Immigrant). He sticks around to help the team review Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper which stars Bradley Cooper …

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In the last (non-Rancho) post I made a commitment to get back in to regular reviewing and to end my year-long sabbatical. (For the reasons behind the hiatus, it is recommended that you have a quick read. Go on, I’ll wait here.) It has come as a bit of a surprise to me that I’ve actually …


RN 2/9: What we did on our holidays


Guests Marie O’Sullivan (@reesiepie) and Mike Dickison (@adzebill) join Dan and Kailey to talk about the summer cinema releases so far, including Into the Woods, Birdman and The Imitation Game. Right-click to download this episode! Show notes! Alliance of Women Film Journalists Award ‘Boyhood, ‘Birdman,’ and Tilda Swinton — Indiewire


Review: The Water Diviner


Strathmore’s finest son, Russell ‘Rusty’ Crowe, has been around film sets and worked alongside good, average and bad directors now for nearly 25 years, so it comes as no surprise to find that good, average and bad habits have rubbed off on him when it comes to his turn in the director’s chair. As an actor, …

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RN 2/8: A Very Rancho Christmas


In which Kailey and Dan attempt two impossible feats before bedtime: dinner and a show with special guests Graeme Tuckett, John Leigh, Mike Dickison, Sebastian Macaulay, Kaarin Macaulay, Ian Freer and some turkey, wine and crackers, plus live streaming the whole thing out to the world. Hilarity ensues. And Paddington is reviewed. Right-click to download this episode!

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