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Picks of the Week for 9 February

By Audio, Cinema and Reviews

For the last three weeks I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to sit in for Simon Morris on RNZ National’s At the Movies. It’s a lot of work – at least a lot more work than writing for the website — which means I haven’t had a chance until now to post the highlights.

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Picks of the Week for 12 Jan 2019

By Cinema and Reviews

It has been a long time between drinks here at Funerals & Snakes but that doesn’t mean that I have been idle. I continue to write and broadcast for RNZ (filling in for At the Movies on RNZ National and writing for the Widescreen channel on the website) and since the beginning of 2019 have tried to post at least a couple of reviews a week.

My deal with RNZ means I can’t repost that work here but there is no reason why I can’t start running summaries and highlights for my many ‘fans’. I’ll probably try and restart the newsletter, too, although what form that might take is still to be decided.

Rancho Notorious will be back in some form in 2020, too.

Anyway, here are this week’s picks:

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Site maintenance in progress

By Asides

Hello all!

While it will be clear to all visitors that the site isn’t being updated at the moment/any more, that doesn’t mean it isn’t still in my heart. So, in an attempt to finally rid myself of the curse of the Thesis theme and its difficult design idiom, as well as saving myself some money on things like podcast hosting and custom fonts, we are transitioning to a new theme – Salient.

I’m very fond of Salient, as we use it for the day job, and there should be an element of future-proofing involved in this change.

Searching for content and presentation of images should be improved too.

I only have about five minutes a day to make these improvements, so the site is likely to look like a building site for a wee while yet.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you’ll find something useful and fun here.

RN 4/3: A Very Rancho Christmas 2015

By Audio, Cinema, Rancho Notorious and Reviews

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The podcast version of the 2nd annual summing up of the year in film, tv and other cool stuff – originally streamed live from the Rancho kitchen on Friday 18 December.

Around the dinner table were Dan, Kailey, Sarah McMullan, Ben Woodward and Mike Dickison. On the line from Sydney was ABC Radio National’s Jason Di Rosso and, via the magic of the movies, the NZ Top Ten box office results are read by a famous British acting knight.

The show was recorded and engineered by Marc Chesterman (and what a good job he did of it too) in front of an audience of family and friends of the show.

RN 4/2: Good in the mountains

By Audio, Cinema, Rancho Notorious and Reviews

Dan and Kailey are joined by Graeme Beasley from to talk about the Lance Armstrong biopic The Program as well as Graeme’s favourite sports movies of all time, Jackson Wood is on the line from Chicago where he’s on a movie-inspired road trip around the mid-West and our hosts enthuse about the new Paolo Sorrentino film Youth starring Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel.

Correction: the Boston Society of Film Critics did not snub Spotlight as it turns out (see below). That misunderstanding came about from taking a joke tweet seriously which is an occupational hazard in Film Twitter.

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