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Site maintenance in progress

By August 19, 2017August 20th, 2017No Comments

Hello all!

While it will be clear to all vis­it­ors that the site isn’t being updated at the moment/any more, that does­n’t mean it isn’t still in my heart. So, in an attempt to finally rid myself of the curse of the Thesis theme and its dif­fi­cult design idiom, as well as sav­ing myself some money on things like pod­cast host­ing and cus­tom fonts, we are trans­ition­ing to a new theme – Salient.

I’m very fond of Salient, as we use it for the day job, and there should be an ele­ment of future-proofing involved in this change.

Searching for con­tent and present­a­tion of images should be improved too.

I only have about five minutes a day to make these improve­ments, so the site is likely to look like a build­ing site for a wee while yet.

Thanks for vis­it­ing, I hope you’ll find some­thing use­ful and fun here.