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Cat Power’s new on-stage persona

By January 30, 2008No Comments

The new Cat Power reviewed in The Guardian by Maddy Costa:

She seems no less nervous than in her depressed, chaot­ic past, but in stamp­ing out the weak parts of her­self, Marshall has also des­troyed everything that was aching and haunt­ing and beau­ti­ful in her voice. The trans­form­a­tion is hor­ribly dis­il­lu­sion­ing to witness.

I was run­ning the Paramount when Cat Power played her solo show back in 2005. We had heard ter­rible stor­ies about self-destructive beha­viour and para­lys­ing stage-fright, and were warned not to sup­ply her with alco­hol, but it was one of the best shows I have ever seen: eth­er­e­al and highly music­al if that’s not too weird a choice of words. And she could have eas­ily freaked out when she found out that our dress­ing rooms had been demol­ished and we were build­ing two cinemas in the empty space. But she didn’t.