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Cat Power’s new on-stage persona

By January 30, 2008No Comments

The new Cat Power reviewed in The Guardian by Maddy Costa:

She seems no less nervous than in her depressed, chaotic past, but in stamping out the weak parts of herself, Marshall has also destroyed everything that was aching and haunting and beautiful in her voice. The transformation is horribly disillusioning to witness.

I was running the Paramount when Cat Power played her solo show back in 2005. We had heard terrible stories about self-destructive behaviour and paralysing stage-fright, and were warned not to supply her with alcohol, but it was one of the best shows I have ever seen: ethereal and highly musical if that’s not too weird a choice of words. And she could have easily freaked out when she found out that our dressing rooms had been demolished and we were building two cinemas in the empty space. But she didn’t.