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Mamma Mia! postscript

By July 29, 20083 Comments

The Day Before You Came single sleeveIn my rush to upload my Hancock and Mamma Mia! etc. reviews earli­er I for­got that I was always intend­ing to offer up a digit­al copy of my own favour­ite ABBA tune, “The Day Before You Came”, as it is rarely heard and quite marvellous:

ABBA – The Day Before You Came [right-click to download]

And as an added bonus, as I feel so sorry and so gen­er­ous at the same time, here’s the song as I first heard it (by English pop band Blancmange from 1984):

Blancmange – The Day Before You Came [right click to download]

[And curse all blog­ging soft­ware includ­ing ecto and MarsEdit and WordPress as this post should have taken about 10 minutes and instead took an hour. Gah!] 


  • Would I be right to assume that the hour was spent fig­ur­ing out how to embed all the media?

  • dano says:

    [quote comment=“”]Would I be right to assume that the hour was spent fig­ur­ing out how to embed all the media?[/quote]

    Wow, Celebrity com­menter. Thanks for stop­ping by.

    Yes, it was the media that took all the time. I usu­ally use ecto for post­ing as it res­izes image thumb­nails to my spe­cific­a­tions (and styles them) but it pro­duces buggy code and handles media inel­eg­antly. In the case of mp3 it embeds a quick­time play­er which I did not want and I don’t have time to shag around find­ing a workaround.

    I’ve been want­ing to swap to MarsEdit for years (I bought ecto as it was cross-platform but I don’t post from work any­more) but the learn­ing curve I encountered last night was frustrating.

    As it turned out one of the prob­lems I had upload­ing media last night involved amend­ing the php.ini file to allow for posts lar­ger than 5MB – not a MarsEdit prob­lem as it turned out but the error mes­sage was less than helpful.

    I want to change the media play­er on the site too as hav­ing to click that + sign annoys me but if I do that I have to re-do the code for all the media posts. Gah!

    Thanks for your interest but I’m still look­ing for the per­fect blog­ging tool…

  • Thanks for the exten­ded explan­a­tion. Media man­age­ment is def­in­itely not MarsEdit’s strong point yet. It does a stel­lar job for some spe­cif­ic things such as Flickr integ­ra­tion, but I agree that uploads, and in par­tic­u­lar non-image uploads, are weakly supported.

    I think we’re still at the tip of the ice­berg, so in spite of being per­son­ally annoyed and frus­trated myself, I try to remind myself that it can only get bet­ter 🙂 And I hope to make sure that it does.

    Thanks again for responding,