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Call to Arms

By Blogging, Cinema and meta

As they say in the movies, “It’s quiet… too quiet.” Yeah, sorry about that but I’ve had a lot on recently.

Here’s the deal. In October last year (2013 if you are visiting here via Google and the date is not otherwise obvious) I had to stop editing ONFILM magazine due to the inconvenience of not being paid and had to find another gig. Cinematica was taking up a lot of also-not-being-paid time and, even though it was an enormous amount of fun and enjoyed by many people, it was impossible to justify financially the amount of time it took every week. Kailey leaving was probably the final straw.

FH_COVER_May2014Since Christmas I have been working as editor of FishHead magazine in Wellington, firstly as interim, then as former, and finally appointed to the permanent position in March. Learning a new magazine and a new market as well as getting a handle on the business side of things has meant that I haven’t had any time to keep these pages up. This may shock you but I haven’t even been able to watch as many films as I used to.

Anyway, FishHead is almost under control, Nine to Noon is chugging along and the private life is in the best shape ever, so it’s time to reinvigorate my  personal expression engine — Funerals & Snakes. In June you will see a new look here and a return to regular reviewing. Subscribers to the email newsletters will also get their weekly updates once again.

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By Asides and Blogging

Tee-hee. Hamish Macdouall just used the word “nacreous” in his Googlies & Grass Stains blog on Stuff. I venture it is the first time that word has appeared on Stuff ever, and that it wouldn’t have sneaked past a Dom-Post sub if it was going in the dead-tree edition. It’s rare that anyone these days uses a word with which I am unfamiliar but this was one I had to check. And the first definition offered by Google (via Merriam-Webster) is spectacularly unhelpful:

: possessing the qualities of, consisting of, or abounding in nacre ;

Well, yes, obviously.

Ebert on ... writing

By Asides, Blogging and Literature

Roger Ebert writing about writing (and speaking) at his blog:

The novel [McCarthy’s Suttree] is written entirely with that attention. You haven’t even started it until you’ve started it the second time. After weeks of depression, hopelessness and regret, realizing the operation had failed and I would probably not speak again, after murky medications and no interest in movies, television, books or even the morning paper, it was the bleak, sad Suttree that started me to life again. Spare me happy books that will cheer me up. I was fighting it out with Suttree. I didn’t want a condo in Florida. I wanted a fucking basket of coal.

Is it me or is Ebert writing better than ever?

Update: Posted before I’d read all the comments. Read those too.

Mamma Mia! postscript

By Blogging and Music

The Day Before You Came single sleeveIn my rush to upload my Hancock and Mamma Mia! etc. reviews earlier I forgot that I was always intending to offer up a digital copy of my own favourite ABBA tune, “The Day Before You Came”, as it is rarely heard and quite marvellous:

ABBA — The Day Before You Came [right-click to download]

And as an added bonus, as I feel so sorry and so generous at the same time, here’s the song as I first heard it (by English pop band Blancmange from 1984):

Blancmange — The Day Before You Came [right click to download]

[And curse all blogging software including ecto and MarsEdit and WordPress as this post should have taken about 10 minutes and instead took an hour. Gah!]