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The Right Stuff

By December 14, 2008October 20th, 2009No Comments

I’ve just got home from watching The Day the Earth Stood Still at the Empire in Island Bay. It has several shortcomings (which I’ll cover off in the review later this week), one of which is the lack of decent theme music.

Sure, it has a score (written by Tyler Bates) but that score is like so many these days: a series of chords strung together to heighten immediate emotion — completely unmemorable once they’ve passed through your head. I even stayed through to the end of the credits to see/hear if anything more interesting was going to happen. It didn’t.

Compare with the film I watched last night (in hi-def via the Apple TV Store): Philip Kaufman’s The Right Stuff. Bill Conti’s score is legendary, an Oscar-winning fanfare that never fails to get the heart pumping. And, because I obviously don’t have enough to do, and I want to try the Yahoo Music Player plugin, here’s the Cincinnati Pops version of Music from The Right Stuff” (right click to download in m4amp3 format or click the play button to open the Yahoo Player).


Right click to Download Music from The Right Stuff

Update: I’ve gone back to the Anarchy Media Player plugin for backwards (and hopefully forwards) compatibility reasons.

Update2: And the upgrade to WP2.7 breaks the Anarchy Player. Sigh. I don’t want to waste too much time on this. Any ideas for a working alternative solution?