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Ebert on ... writing

By December 15, 2008No Comments

Roger Ebert writing about writing (and speaking) at his blog:

The novel [McCarthy’s Suttree] is written entirely with that attention. You haven’t even started it until you’ve started it the second time. After weeks of depression, hopelessness and regret, realizing the operation had failed and I would probably not speak again, after murky medications and no interest in movies, television, books or even the morning paper, it was the bleak, sad Suttree that started me to life again. Spare me happy books that will cheer me up. I was fighting it out with Suttree. I didn’t want a condo in Florida. I wanted a fucking basket of coal.

Is it me or is Ebert writing better than ever?

Update: Posted before I’d read all the comments. Read those too.