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By September 18, 2009October 14th, 20093 Comments

Two weeks of blog carnage later, here’s the sit-rep:

  • Funerals & Snakes is limping along at
  • Most of the images are intact but they don’t appear consistently and don’t appear at all on search pages
  • the permalinks are busted — any old links here from places like result in 404 errors
  • I’m now about six weeks behind on posting reviews (which were about 90% of what was posted here in any case)
  • At its height this blog was getting a frankly astonishing 30 visitors a day. I’d say that’s down to about zero now.

It’s time to “shit or get off the can” as the saying goes. It’s not worth my time trying to keep this site up to date if I’m only going to be half-hearted about it. And if I want this to be something I can be proud of, I have to put some effort in.

So the next two weeks are going to see a re-thinking and re-energising of the site, re-sulting in a re-design. Pretty much all the old stuff will break in order to be re-made. Hopefully, good old bits of writing will be re-discovered and useful features re-instated.

If you are a re-gular re-ader, make some suggestions in the comments. The biggest change will be the address. This site will become so that I can do something corporate to

It may turn out to be a bumpy ride but I think it will be worth it.


  • dfmamea says:

    thanks for the update, Dan — when a site goes quiet for more than a week and there’s not even a peep like ‘i’m under the hood’ or ‘i’m being genetically reengineered’, i tend to move on.

    keep doing what you’re doing, and i’ll keep reading what you’re doing.

  • dano says:

    Thanks df. I hope you’ll like where I’m going with it. And just for you, I’ll do another update today so I’ll only be five weeks behind.

  • sue says:

    ii think you update on a far more regular basis than most of the world and it’s with rather excellent content, so don;t change too much