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By September 18, 2009October 14th, 20093 Comments

Two weeks of blog carnage later, here’s the sit-rep:

  • Funerals & Snakes is limp­ing along at
  • Most of the images are intact but they don’t appear con­sist­ently and don’t appear at all on search pages
  • the permalinks are bus­ted – any old links here from places like res­ult in 404 errors
  • I’m now about six weeks behind on post­ing reviews (which were about 90% of what was pos­ted here in any case)
  • At its height this blog was get­ting a frankly aston­ish­ing 30 vis­it­ors a day. I’d say that’s down to about zero now.

It’s time to “shit or get off the can” as the say­ing goes. It’s not worth my time try­ing to keep this site up to date if I’m only going to be half-hearted about it. And if I want this to be some­thing I can be proud of, I have to put some effort in.

So the next two weeks are going to see a re-thinking and re-energising of the site, re-sulting in a re-design. Pretty much all the old stuff will break in order to be re-made. Hopefully, good old bits of writ­ing will be re-discovered and use­ful fea­tures re-instated.

If you are a re-gular re-ader, make some sug­ges­tions in the com­ments. The biggest change will be the address. This site will become so that I can do some­thing cor­por­ate to

It may turn out to be a bumpy ride but I think it will be worth it.


  • dfmamea says:

    thanks for the update, Dan – when a site goes quiet for more than a week and there’s not even a peep like ‘i’m under the hood’ or ‘i’m being genet­ic­ally reen­gin­eered’, i tend to move on.

    keep doing what you’re doing, and i’ll keep read­ing what you’re doing.

  • dano says:

    Thanks df. I hope you’ll like where I’m going with it. And just for you, I’ll do anoth­er update today so I’ll only be five weeks behind.

  • sue says:

    ii think you update on a far more reg­u­lar basis than most of the world and it’s with rather excel­lent con­tent, so don;t change too much