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By December 6, 20102 Comments

Overheard at the Embassy dur­ing Voyage of the Dawn Treader:

Grumpy Film Reviewer: Do you mind turn­ing off your phone?

Annoying Patron: It isn’t on.

GFR: Yes, it is. You’re using it!

AP: The sound is off.

GFR: But I can see you using it!

AP: No, you can’t. Get a life. [Puts phone away, does­n’t come out again]

I’m sorry to say this, but some people really don’t deserve cinemas.


  • Patricia says:

    I hate that.

    At Matariki last week (Lighthouse Petone), there were a group of people in the back row talk­ing through­out the entire film. I was in the front row, but if I was closer, I would have stated very loudly “this isn’t your lounge, shut the f*#k up”. Turns out some oth­er pat­rons in the back row asked this group, very politely, to “please keep the noise down”. This woman who was talk­ing snapped that they wer­en’t talk­ing, and stop ask­ing them to be quiet. Then at the end of the movie verbally attacked the per­son who asked them to be quiet, say­ing they had paid for the movie and being asked to shut up had ruined their experience.

    What goes on in people’s heads?

    This is why I think there should be a little book­let on Cinema Etiquette (!/group.php?gid=15574976911).