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By December 6, 20102 Comments

Overheard at the Embassy during Voyage of the Dawn Treader:

Grumpy Film Reviewer: Do you mind turning off your phone?

Annoying Patron: It isn’t on.

GFR: Yes, it is. You’re using it!

AP: The sound is off.

GFR: But I can see you using it!

AP: No, you can’t. Get a life. [Puts phone away, doesn’t come out again]

I’m sorry to say this, but some people really don’t deserve cinemas.


  • Patricia says:

    I hate that.

    At Matariki last week (Lighthouse Petone), there were a group of people in the back row talking throughout the entire film. I was in the front row, but if I was closer, I would have stated very loudly “this isn’t your lounge, shut the f*#k up”. Turns out some other patrons in the back row asked this group, very politely, to “please keep the noise down”. This woman who was talking snapped that they weren’t talking, and stop asking them to be quiet. Then at the end of the movie verbally attacked the person who asked them to be quiet, saying they had paid for the movie and being asked to shut up had ruined their experience.

    What goes on in people’s heads?

    This is why I think there should be a little booklet on Cinema Etiquette (!/group.php?gid=15574976911).