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By July 4, 2011No Comments

Godard’s Une femme mariée from the Masters of Cinema collection

For those readers who, despite my clues in the “About” box to the right, are still in the dark about Godard’s Contempt, A.O. Scott from the New York Times has a short video primer on the film here. It’s at the Times’ site thus no embedding (and no watching on an iDevice) either.

I’m prompted to mention it not because I have a copy of Contempt now, I don’t. But my package of delights from the Eureka! Masters of Cinema blu-ray sale just arrived and it includes Godard’s Une femme mariée (the film he made in 1964, two films and one year after Contempt), Fritz Lang’s M (Lang played the film director in Contempt and, of course, coined the name for this blog), plus Make Way for Tomorrow, For All Mankind, Profound Desires of the Gods and La planet sauvage.

If only the Film Festival wasn’t around the corner. I would be able to wallow in some rare cinema classics (only one of which I have seen before). Instead, I have a pile of previews to get through so I can produce my annual guide to the Festival’s more obscure corners as well as talk for fifteen minutes on Radio New Zealand Concert’s Upbeat programme on Friday lunchtime.