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Kailey is in Toronto, Dan is in rainy Wellington and between them they review Kelly Reichardt’s “thrill­er” Night Moves and the dysto­pi­an night­mare of The Giver star­ring Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges and some kids, plus Robin Wright play­ing sev­er­al ver­sions of her­self in Ari Folman’s The Congress.

Show Notes

Robert De Niro book winner Rebecca McMillan with her prize!

Robert De Niro book win­ner Rebecca McMillan with her prize!

Funniest thing ever from Toa Fraser.

Funniest thing ever from The Dead Lands dir­ect­or Toa Fraser.

Why Cliff Curtis Won’t Talk About His Chess Warrior Biopic ‘The Dark Horse’ – Indiewire

Plus, bonus link­age: Al Pacino’s Driving Force – The New Yorker