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Once again Dan (in Wellington) and Kailey (in Vancouver) are joined by Fairfax senior film reviewer Graeme Tuckett. Hear more from Kailey’s adventures at the Vancouver International Film Festival; plus all three collaborate on a review of Robert Downey Jr. in The Judge and Graeme and Dan count the laughs in Let’s Be Cops. Also featuring several non-gratuitous mentions of Game of Thrones that should do a good job of boosting our iTunes ratings.

Show Notes

2014 Show Me Shorts film festival launches in New Zealand

Christian Bale to Play Steve Jobs in New Movie — IMDb

Warner Bros. Announces 10 DC Movies, 3 Lego Movies and 3 ‘Harry Potter’ Spinoffs — The Hollywood Reporter

HBO to Launch Standalone Over-the-Top Service in U.S. Next Year — Variety


  • Seb Thomas says:

    Thanks for another great podcast episode. I’m fairly new to Rancho but please consider me a huge fan.
    My one rant would be this Graeme guy you’ve had on a couple of episodes. For a print journalist, he sure does like the sound of his own voice.
    Anyway, keep up the good work!

    • Dan says:

      Thanks, Seb. You can hear more of Graeme on Newstalk ZB in Wellington every Wednesday morning or every Monday afternoon playing music on Active 89FM. That’s if you can’t get enough of him, that is.

      • Seb Thomas says:

        Didn’t want to come across as disparaging the guy. I’m sure he is very knowledgable when it comes to films. We just wanted to hear Kailey or yourself sling a few paragraphs together without getting interrupted.

        Anyway, the flatmates and I are huge fans. Love the reviews and especially impressed with the two worders. We’ve tried but but can only come up with ‘really good’ or ‘kinda boring’, sad efforts I know.

        Looking forward to next weeks episode. Keep up the great work.

  • mark rogers says:

    good ep. Thanks to all. But- Kailee! FIRE WALK WITH ME wasnt made for tv! it was released in cinemas! I saw at Lido ‘back in the day’!

    Great, that a ‘newbie’ like her has gotten into a classic series, but like You , Dan- i’m of the notion to ‘leave well alone- do we need a ‘re-imagining slash reboot’ for the internet generation of TWIN PEAKS?? Even with D.Lynch and M.Foster’s involvement????

    Feels a bit like those bands who were huge in the 80’s reforming and touring nowadays!! I’m more of the mindset- hey guys! we’ve still got the vinyl slash cassettes- and the memories! All we’re gonna see is you guys- older, greyer and with a few more inches around the midriff area!! Kinda ‘does nt compute’ with the memories of youth slash passion etcetera : (. Hard to admit that I’m too myself, getting older- and greyer myself ( and carrying a few more inches slash centimetres around the midriff area! midriff/midlife crisis inevitability! half kidding!) Accch. doesnt really matter, in the big picture, I guess really, does it? I mean, geez- there’s a war going on in Syria right now. ‘its ONLY the movies!’ Still, we love em.

    I spose in a way its like bumping into one of yr ‘exes’ that stole yr heart when you were very young, then, in the 80s, now in the present 21st century day in the frozen foods aisle of your local Countdown seeing him/her and going ‘aw jeez- .…!”. He/she looks older…but wiser? Dare i find out by saying hello? Does he/she feel the same upom the sight of me? Funny thing is- its the same Countdown you and he/she used to shop at cos you two have kept living in the same area all this time. So how come we never bumped into eachother until right now!!! one for the fortune cookies- i guess!

    Still, i wish them the best on it! I await Twin peaks 2015 with interest.
    regards, Mark

  • mark rogers says:

    dan one other thing sprung out at me upon relistening to this ep of RANCHO NOTORIOUS. yOUR guest Gram Tuckett mentions that d.fincher’s ZODIAC was a ‘bomb, a box office failure’ ( words paraphrased to that affect, sorry, not a direct verbatim but more of the ‘jist’). Well, now when i heard that, i thought ‘hmmm…i wonder if thats true or not”. So i contacted an old projectionist pal of mine Tom. Tom was an oldeschoole projectionist from back in the day when it took five years apprencticeship to become a fully qualified cinema projectionist. I used to kid him ‘what the heck did you spend your first yr doing? removing the lens cap!!” ( kinda of a reference to how young chefs do menial pot scrubbing there first yr). Anyway, Tom was back in the 70s when Amalgamated and Kerridge Odeon were the only game in town, and Tom was a union man, as were most of the K.O projectionists. But he moved town and had to take a job at an Amalgamted cinema. Ooh boy! the Union boys didnt like that one bit, Tom was blacklisted and had to do the dreaded Sunday night triple feature shift. Horrible film prints, scratched and very lonely. But i digreess.
    Tom uses the imdb. and he showed me that Gram is quite wrong.

    ZODIAC Budget
    $65,000,000 (estimated)
    $84,785,914 (Worldwide) (3 May 2007)

    these figures are from seven years ago so no doubt the ‘take’ has gone up since given ancillary sales hence.
    Just the facts , ma’am! But hey, its ONLY the movies!