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Once again Dan (in Wellington) and Kailey (in Vancouver) are joined by Fairfax seni­or film review­er Graeme Tuckett. Hear more from Kailey’s adven­tures at the Vancouver International Film Festival; plus all three col­lab­or­ate on a review of Robert Downey Jr. in The Judge and Graeme and Dan count the laughs in Let’s Be Cops. Also fea­tur­ing sev­er­al non-gratuitous men­tions of Game of Thrones that should do a good job of boost­ing our iTunes ratings.

Show Notes

2014 Show Me Shorts film fest­iv­al launches in New Zealand

Christian Bale to Play Steve Jobs in New Movie – IMDb

Warner Bros. Announces 10 DC Movies, 3 Lego Movies and 3 ‘Harry Potter’ Spinoffs – The Hollywood Reporter

HBO to Launch Standalone Over-the-Top Service in U.S. Next Year – Variety


  • Seb Thomas says:

    Thanks for anoth­er great pod­cast epis­ode. I’m fairly new to Rancho but please con­sider me a huge fan.
    My one rant would be this Graeme guy you’ve had on a couple of epis­odes. For a print journ­al­ist, he sure does like the sound of his own voice.
    Anyway, keep up the good work!

    • Dan says:

      Thanks, Seb. You can hear more of Graeme on Newstalk ZB in Wellington every Wednesday morn­ing or every Monday after­noon play­ing music on Active 89FM. That’s if you can­’t get enough of him, that is.

      • Seb Thomas says:

        Didn’t want to come across as dis­par­aging the guy. I’m sure he is very know­ledgable when it comes to films. We just wanted to hear Kailey or your­self sling a few para­graphs togeth­er without get­ting interrupted.

        Anyway, the flat­mates and I are huge fans. Love the reviews and espe­cially impressed with the two worders. We’ve tried but but can only come up with ‘really good’ or ‘kinda bor­ing’, sad efforts I know.

        Looking for­ward to next weeks epis­ode. Keep up the great work.

  • mark rogers says:

    good ep. Thanks to all. But- Kailee! FIRE WALK WITH ME was­nt made for tv! it was released in cinemas! I saw at Lido ‘back in the day’!

    Great, that a ‘new­bie’ like her has got­ten into a clas­sic series, but like You , Dan- i’m of the notion to ‘leave well alone- do we need a ‘re-imagining slash reboot’ for the inter­net gen­er­a­tion of TWIN PEAKS?? Even with D.Lynch and M.Foster’s involvement????

    Feels a bit like those bands who were huge in the 80’s reform­ing and tour­ing nowadays!! I’m more of the mindset- hey guys! we’ve still got the vinyl slash cassettes- and the memor­ies! All we’re gonna see is you guys- older, grey­er and with a few more inches around the mid­riff area!! Kinda ‘does nt com­pute’ with the memor­ies of youth slash pas­sion etcet­era : (. Hard to admit that I’m too myself, get­ting older- and grey­er myself ( and car­ry­ing a few more inches slash cen­ti­metres around the mid­riff area! midriff/midlife crisis inev­it­ab­il­ity! half kid­ding!) Accch. does­nt really mat­ter, in the big pic­ture, I guess really, does it? I mean, geez- there’s a war going on in Syria right now. ‘its ONLY the movies!’ Still, we love em.

    I spose in a way its like bump­ing into one of yr ‘exes’ that stole yr heart when you were very young, then, in the 80s, now in the present 21st cen­tury day in the frozen foods aisle of your loc­al Countdown see­ing him/her and going ‘aw jeez- .…!”. He/she looks older…but wiser? Dare i find out by say­ing hello? Does he/she feel the same upom the sight of me? Funny thing is- its the same Countdown you and he/she used to shop at cos you two have kept liv­ing in the same area all this time. So how come we nev­er bumped into eachoth­er until right now!!! one for the for­tune cookies- i guess!

    Still, i wish them the best on it! I await Twin peaks 2015 with interest.
    regards, Mark

  • mark rogers says:

    dan one oth­er thing sprung out at me upon rel­isten­ing to this ep of RANCHO NOTORIOUS. yOUR guest Gram Tuckett men­tions that d.fincher’s ZODIAC was a ‘bomb, a box office fail­ure’ ( words para­phrased to that affect, sorry, not a dir­ect ver­batim but more of the ‘jist’). Well, now when i heard that, i thought ‘hmmm…i won­der if thats true or not”. So i con­tac­ted an old pro­jec­tion­ist pal of mine Tom. Tom was an oldeschoole pro­jec­tion­ist from back in the day when it took five years appren­c­tice­ship to become a fully qual­i­fied cinema pro­jec­tion­ist. I used to kid him ‘what the heck did you spend your first yr doing? remov­ing the lens cap!!” ( kinda of a ref­er­ence to how young chefs do meni­al pot scrub­bing there first yr). Anyway, Tom was back in the 70s when Amalgamated and Kerridge Odeon were the only game in town, and Tom was a uni­on man, as were most of the K.O pro­jec­tion­ists. But he moved town and had to take a job at an Amalgamted cinema. Ooh boy! the Union boys did­nt like that one bit, Tom was black­lis­ted and had to do the dreaded Sunday night triple fea­ture shift. Horrible film prints, scratched and very lonely. But i digreess.
    Tom uses the imdb. and he showed me that Gram is quite wrong.

    ZODIAC Budget
    $65,000,000 (estim­ated)
    $84,785,914 (Worldwide) (3 May 2007)

    these fig­ures are from sev­en years ago so no doubt the ‘take’ has gone up since giv­en ancil­lary sales hence.
    Just the facts , ma’am! But hey, its ONLY the movies!