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Kailey is is back after her week off and reports on live from Vancouver on their film festival which is in full swing. Kailey and Dan also review The Boxtrolls and We Are the Best!. Spoiler: They like them both!

Show Notes

Seven Reasons Why the Netflix/Adam Sandler Deal Is a Gamechanger — Indiewire

The Infinite Man at VIFF

Above Us All at VIFF

I’m (not) Having a Good Day short film collection at VIFF

Phoenix at VIFF

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  • Reesiepie says:

    Here’s the thing about the Stephen Fry event — he’s doing these reading events in cities around the UK, and one of them was broadcast (billed as a ‘global event’) via cinema screens. The £27 referred to is marked as the weekend gross. But the event took place on Wed 1st Oct, and the total gross is £147,000. So would it be fair to assume that one cinema showed a re run at the weekend and 4 people showed up? I wasn’t one of them — especially after his narcissistic hosting of the Al Pacino Wilde Salomé Q&A.