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Kailey is is back after her week off and reports on live from Vancouver on their film fest­iv­al which is in full swing. Kailey and Dan also review The Boxtrolls and We Are the Best!. Spoiler: They like them both!

Show Notes

Seven Reasons Why the Netflix/Adam Sandler Deal Is a Gamechanger – Indiewire

The Infinite Man at VIFF

Above Us All at VIFF

I’m (not) Having a Good Day short film col­lec­tion at VIFF

Phoenix at VIFF

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  • Reesiepie says:

    Here’s the thing about the Stephen Fry event – he’s doing these read­ing events in cit­ies around the UK, and one of them was broad­cast (billed as a ‘glob­al event’) via cinema screens. The £27 referred to is marked as the week­end gross. But the event took place on Wed 1st Oct, and the total gross is £147,000. So would it be fair to assume that one cinema showed a re run at the week­end and 4 people showed up? I was­n’t one of them – espe­cially after his nar­ciss­ist­ic host­ing of the Al Pacino Wilde Salomé Q&A.