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  • Chevy says:

    Dan. Come clean. I heard your RNZ review of Vacation. No way have you seen it. You reviewed the trailer . You said nothing that that convinced me otherwise.
    Please admit this, as a long time listener and fan, you are beginning to let me down. Only as I don’t believe you would have that shallow a take on something you had actually seen.
    You said that it was actually quite conservative with a pro-family message. The film I saw stays extremely cynical to the very end.
    But how could you review it without mentioning the original, now considered a classic comedy, and at the very least Chevy Chase’s presence.
    Because you haven’t seen that either right?
    If you are going to review films. Have some passion, or at least fake it.
    I know it’s in you Dan, I have seen glimmers of it. I just want you to be the best you can be.

    • Dan says:

      Dude, I had 90 seconds (about as long as CC appears in the film). Not sure how much enthusiasm I am supposed to generate for something that didn’t earn it. Unlike for you, the original isn’t a seminal text so I have no need to wax nostalgic. And I certainly did see the film — 8.45 on Tuesday night, Readings 7. And I haven’t seen the trailer, so you got that 100% wrong. The film can be cynical and pro-family at the same time. #twowordreview — vulgarly sentimental (or sentimentally vulgar, you choose).

    • Dan says:

      Oh, and I did mention that it was virtually a remake/reboot of the 80s original. How else would I have mentioned that Rusty was Clark’s son?