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A A Gill goes to Tasmania

By Asides

A A Gill goes to Tasmania (from The Times):

No creature has grown so snugly into its name as the wombat, and they have this remarkable poo. It’s square. Wombats lay organic dice – they have special bones in their backsides for squeezing and shaping and slicing. The reason for the cubic turd is that wombats like to mark their territory neatly, and they lay their personal Lego as high as possible on logs and rocks so that it doesn’t get lost in the grass, and they’ve made it square so that it won’t roll off. Nanny nature thinks of absolutely everything.

When I learn to write properly I want to write like A A Gill.

By Asides and Cinema

On the day before Black Sheep is released in New Zealand, surely there can be no more perfect news than this:

By injecting human cells into the fetus of a sheep, scientists have created a sheep that’s 15% human. To the chagrin of human-animal hybrid fans, the sheep does not have human features. (via Boing Boing)

Johnny Marr joins Might Mouse ...

By Asides and Music

Every band has been there: you’ve just had a hit album — then your Johnny Marr-esque guitarist quits. Meet the group that came up with a crazy solution …

On the fourth or fifth day, when all six of us were playing, we saw some homeless people hanging outside Isaac’s house,” he says. “It occurred to me that I had no idea where this music was coming from but I could see them dancing in the dark. The experience was like a short circuit to my feet.

Somebody who may or may not be Craig McMillan blogging from what may or may not be the Caribbean

By Asides

Somebody who may or may not be Craig McMillan blogging from what may or may not be the Caribbean:

I brought it up with the team this morning over Weet-Bix. The lads agreed that we’ve got a job to do as ambassadors as well. There was such a positive buzz about the idea of donating some of our practice bats, and Baz McCullum has pledged one of his iPods. When Flem was reading to us the other night, the one that stuck in my mind was ‘Happiness is a way of travel, not a destination’.

Monday Morning Box Office from Defamer

By Asides and Cinema

Monday Morning Box Office from Defamer:

1. 300–$70.025 million
A what-the-fuck run at the box office featuring a $44 million opening for Nic Cage art film Ghost Rider and $38 million for critic-proof John Travolta leather-daddy road-trip picture Wild Hogs just got what-the-fuckier with 300 setting the record for the best-ever March debut. Even the president of Warner Bros. distribution dared to dream of a $35-$40 million first weekend, underestimating the public’s appetite for epic, CGI-enhanced Greek bondage flicks (sweaty six-packs really pop with computer highlighting) by about half.