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Monday Morning Box Office from Defamer

By March 13, 2007No Comments

Monday Morning Box Office from Defamer:

1. 300–$70.025 mil­lion
A what-the-fuck run at the box office fea­tur­ing a $44 mil­lion open­ing for Nic Cage art film Ghost Rider and $38 mil­lion for critic-proof John Travolta leather-daddy road-trip pic­ture Wild Hogs just got what-the-fuckier with 300 set­ting the record for the best-ever March debut. Even the pres­id­ent of Warner Bros. dis­tri­bu­tion dared to dream of a $35-$40 mil­lion first week­end, under­es­tim­at­ing the pub­lic’s appet­ite for epic, CGI-enhanced Greek bond­age flicks (sweaty six-packs really pop with com­puter high­light­ing) by about half.