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gérard depardieu

Review: The Bourne Ultimatum, Day Watch, Joy Division and The Singer

By Cinema, Conflict of Interest and Reviews

It’s Bourne-time again and rogue-agent Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is still try­ing to find out who he is, who erased his memory and why. A Guardian journ­al­ist (Paddy Considine) seems to know some­thing so he takes the Eurostar to London and with­in 15 minutes of arriv­ing the bod­ies are pil­ing up.

In a cun­ning (not to men­tion poten­tially con­fus­ing) screen­writ­ing coup the first two-thirds of Ultimatum actu­ally takes place ‘before’ the final 15 minutes of Supremacy (the pre­vi­ous sequel) and the two time-lines meet briefly before Ultimatum picks us up and takes us to the final, fas­cin­at­ing, reveal: of a plot (as the say­ing goes) ripped from the head­lines – and from post‑9/11 para­noid, punch-drunk, American for­eign policy.

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Review: Ocean’s 13 and six others...

By Cinema and Reviews

This week’s Capital Times film review (lav­ishly illus­trated) and in no par­tic­u­lar order: SHREK THE THIRD (Chris Miller & Raman Hui); PIERREPOINT (Adrian Shergold); OCEAN’S 13 (Steven Soderbergh); BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA (Gabor Csupo); SCENES OF A SEXUAL NATURE (Ed Blum); PUPPY (Kieran Galvin); HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE ME? (Bertrand Blier)

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