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About “Marvellous”

By February 13, 2006July 14th, 2019No Comments

The main reas­on for start­ing this blog (cor­rectly anti­cip­at­ing audi­ence num­bers in the low singles) was to prac­tice and show­case my own writ­ing, short and long-form. To that end I am archiv­ing my oth­er writ­ing here, assum­ing that the losers at will even­tu­ally miss the pay­ments on their host­ing. The Marvoir actu­ally died at the end of 2004 and con­dol­ences, while wel­come, are belated. Remarkably, his ashes haven’t been knocked off the top of the tele­vi­sion by the new boys.

Soon, with the help of audio-visual aids, I will tell the first chapters of the story of Phil & Don (or is that Don & Phil?) so that people won’t think I am sit­ting at home festering.