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By Asides, Family and meta

I got back a couple of hours ago from a fam­ily hol­i­day, three gen­er­a­tions of Slevins hav­ing a very relaxed time of things in sunny Hawkes Bay. I man­aged to go almost cold tur­key on the the Internet apart from one breof peri­od where I updated the Academy Cinemas web site for the new week. By Saturday how­ever I found myself try­ing to read the tiny type on the Nokia 6120 web browser. It’s instruct­ive that the two sites I chose to look at were Public Address and Daring Fireball. Perhaps I should purge everything else from my RSS feeds and spend more time in the sun in 2009?

Anyway, apo­lo­gies for not hav­ing the Summer Film Review pos­ted yet – it went to print in the Capital Times last Wednesday – nor have I updated the cap­sule reviews to the right. This is obvi­ously sub-optimal per­form­ance and will be remedied over the next few days.

ecto Test

By Family and meta

It’s safe to ignore this post, reg­u­lar read­er, as I’m just test­ing the latest ver­sion of ecto (Mac blog­ging soft­ware). It has a Windows ver­sion which would make post­ing from work (ahem) a little easier.

The web fron­tend to WordPress is fine but I find it hard to actu­ally com­pose in it – for some reas­on it does­n’t feel like writing.
Barbara and Aroha Dec 2006
Not sure about ecto on this first look, but there you go.

I’m going to try and drag a photo from iPhoto and see what that looks like. And just to be dif­fi­cult I’m going to drag it to the middle of the post.

And make it a thumb­nail linked to a lar­ger (but not full-size ver­sion) of the image. That’s my moth­er and my niece at Wellington Zoo between Xmas and New Year.

Tuesday Allsorts #2

By Asides, Cats, Cinema, Cricket and Music

Alright then, while I am fid­dling with css here are some links to amuse and alarm you:

There, all of these are weeks late but none the worse for that I should­n’t wonder.


By Cats and Family

In which the author takes the liberty of re-posting an anim­al obit­u­ary from late 2004 that ori­gin­ally appeared on anoth­er site because, well, he can’t trust those bas­tards at

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