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By Asides, Family and meta

I got back a couple of hours ago from a family holiday, three generations of Slevins having a very relaxed time of things in sunny Hawkes Bay. I managed to go almost cold turkey on the the Internet apart from one breof period where I updated the Academy Cinemas web site for the new week. By Saturday however I found myself trying to read the tiny type on the Nokia 6120 web browser. It’s instructive that the two sites I chose to look at were Public Address and Daring Fireball. Perhaps I should purge everything else from my RSS feeds and spend more time in the sun in 2009?

Anyway, apologies for not having the Summer Film Review posted yet — it went to print in the Capital Times last Wednesday — nor have I updated the capsule reviews to the right. This is obviously sub-optimal performance and will be remedied over the next few days.

ecto Test

By Family and meta

It’s safe to ignore this post, regular reader, as I’m just testing the latest version of ecto (Mac blogging software). It has a Windows version which would make posting from work (ahem) a little easier.

The web frontend to WordPress is fine but I find it hard to actually compose in it – for some reason it doesn’t feel like writing.
Barbara and Aroha Dec 2006
Not sure about ecto on this first look, but there you go.

I’m going to try and drag a photo from iPhoto and see what that looks like. And just to be difficult I’m going to drag it to the middle of the post.

And make it a thumbnail linked to a larger (but not full-size version) of the image. That’s my mother and my niece at Wellington Zoo between Xmas and New Year.

Tuesday Allsorts #2

By Asides, Cats, Cinema, Cricket and Music

Alright then, while I am fiddling with css here are some links to amuse and alarm you:

  • Cat Piano – I love cats and and yet I still find this idea highly amusing;
  • Wim Wenders talks to MovieMaker magazine about what he’s learnt about making films;
  • Screenwriter John August on the influence of enthusiast, fan, media on the film-promoting and film-going process;
  • The wonderful Nellie McKay chats with the legendary Eartha Kitt for something called Harp (by the way Nellie just reviewed “Great Pretenders: My Strange Love Affair With ’50s Pop Music” by Karen Schoemer for the New York Times but that may already be behind their pay-wall);
  • George Bush learns to play cricket in Pakistan with Inzamam Ul Haq (who seems to have borrowed my beard). This is about the most engaged I have ever seen the man, perhaps he should try and run America while dodging bouncers.

There, all of these are weeks late but none the worse for that I shouldn’t wonder.


By Cats and Family

In which the author takes the liberty of re-posting an animal obituary from late 2004 that originally appeared on another site because, well, he can’t trust those bastards at

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