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Tuesday Allsorts #2

By Asides, Cats, Cinema, Cricket and Music

Alright then, while I am fiddling with css here are some links to amuse and alarm you:

  • Cat Piano – I love cats and and yet I still find this idea highly amusing;
  • Wim Wenders talks to MovieMaker magazine about what he’s learnt about making films;
  • Screenwriter John August on the influence of enthusiast, fan, media on the film-promoting and film-going process;
  • The wonderful Nellie McKay chats with the legendary Eartha Kitt for something called Harp (by the way Nellie just reviewed “Great Pretenders: My Strange Love Affair With ’50s Pop Music” by Karen Schoemer for the New York Times but that may already be behind their pay-wall);
  • George Bush learns to play cricket in Pakistan with Inzamam Ul Haq (who seems to have borrowed my beard). This is about the most engaged I have ever seen the man, perhaps he should try and run America while dodging bouncers.

There, all of these are weeks late but none the worse for that I shouldn’t wonder.


By Cats and Family

In which the author takes the liberty of re-posting an animal obituary from late 2004 that originally appeared on another site because, well, he can’t trust those bastards at

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