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Tuesday Allsorts #3

By July 26, 2006July 14th, 2019No Comments

Trying to get back to a regular posting schedule. Here goes:

Holy Hell, possibly the funniest thing in the world: Some deranged genius adds James Earl Jones dialogue from other movies to Star Wars. I shit you not!

The Be Good Tanyas live at The Barbican in London (reviewed in The Grauniad);

A.O. Scott in the NY Times (reg. req.) ponders why critics and public respond so differently, so often (I just watched POTC:DMC and can see both sides “complete shit” v “a $9 diversion with a few laughs”;

Amazon are in big trub for selling cock-fighting magazines – but that’s not all they sell… (thanks Gawker);

Bob Geldof gets a hard time for cancelling in Italy when 45 people turn up to the 12,000 seat stadium (“Harden up, Sir Bob!”) but let us not forget that he helped organise a benefit concert in Auckland when the Neon Picnic was cancelled in 1988 so he’s alright by me – the $1,500 a plate shindig in Auckland the other week is much harder to excuse.