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New and Improved

By October 3, 2006July 14th, 2019One Comment

I’ve just got the gig as Film Reviewer for Wellington’s Capital Times and will post full ver­sions of of all the pub­lished reviews here, start­ing tomor­row. My word lim­it there is slender so I’ll also post on films watched in ser­vice of Capital Times read­ers but not pub­lished. I’ll also be adding col­our to the prin­ted ver­sions by com­ment­ing on screen­ing con­di­tions, cof­fee and oth­er items only semi-related to the film itself.

The first review appears in the paper itself tomor­row and will be pos­ted here first thing in the morning.

Hopefully, this will res­ult in this little endeav­our get­ting more atten­tion (from me and an audi­ence) than it has man­aged so far!

One Comment

  • SirRoger says:

    Just read the film review in the CT and did­n’t spot your byline – nice work.

    Re audi­ence – if you write it they will come…

    And keep up the plugs for Newtown Athletic (check out First Touch, for those of you who missed it) – if we’re on the web we must really exist…