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Unbelievable frustration - semi self-inflicted

By February 5, 2007No Comments

“What did you do with your Waitangi long week­end, Uncle Daniel?”

Well, nieces and neph­ews, I spent most of my week­end sit­ting in front of the com­puter because Old Grandpa Davies from Auckland wanted a shop for his web site and (me being me) I thought that would be a good oppor­tun­ity to fix a few issues that had been bug­ging me with the site since it went live last year.

Of course, the res­ult was that I intro­duced a few more issues while tak­ing care of the old ones, and fool­ishly did­n’t start test­ing in Internet Explorer 6 until after the design work was fin­ished. Imagine how I felt at 4 o’c­lock this morn­ing when I found that some­thing was dread­fully badly broken in IE only. About 75% of our cus­tom­ers, maybe more, use IE so this would be a bad thing.

I decided to sleep on it for a couple of hours and have a fresh crack at it this morn­ing. A long time later, and sev­er­al abor­ted attempts at a solu­tion fur­ther on, I finally work out that mov­ing the import­ant piece of javas­cript from the head­er to the bot­tom of the body will fix it. Yup, in IE this par­tic­u­lar piece of javas­cript has to load last and every oth­er browser on the plan­et deals with it. Man, this sh*t drives me batsh*t insane! And the entire world eco­nomy is going to be run­ning on this gaf­fer taped rub­bish by the end of the decade.

I’ve got quite a bit of, er, fin­ess­ing to do but the guts of it is done now so I’ll put my feet up for a bit and watch a DVD and then catch up on last night’s lost sleep. Big crick­et day tomor­row, as well fin­ish­ing the Academy shop to the cli­ent’s satisfaction.

Also man­aged to miss my Capital Times dead­line (bum­mer) so there’ll be a bump­er review in next week. and I’m being dive-bombed by moths – what’s that about?