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Eagle vs. Shark clip

By February 3, 2007No Comments

… can be found here. Warning: Music from The Phoenix Foundation plays on this page and there does­n’t seem to be a way of turn­ing it off. Grrr.
Also, the first reviews from Sundance have star­ted to appear.

On a related mat­ter, the trail­er for Black Sheep was play­ing ahead of Rocky Balboa on Thursday and I thought it was a bit dark. Not ‘dark’ as in depress­ing but ‘dark’ as in ‘absence of light’. Printed that way deliberately?

And, while research­ing this aside I see that a trail­er for The Devil Dared Me To is online here. With any luck we’ll see it in cinemas soon, there may be some over­seas sales, and the par­ti­cipants might get paid what they are worth.

Devil Dared Me To