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By November 13, 2007No Comments

Russell Brand on his exper­i­ence at sex addic­tion rehab:

In that situ­ation, how­ever, ali­en­ated from my nor­mal sur­round­ings, I real­ised that the out­er sur­face of what I thought was my unique, indi­vidu­al iden­tity was just a set of routines. We all have an essen­tial self, but if you spend every day chop­ping up meat on a slab, and selling it by the pound, soon you’ll find you’ve become a butcher. And if you don’t want to become a butcher (and why would you?), you’re going to have to cut right through to the bare bones of your own char­ac­ter in the hope of find­ing out who you really are. Which bloody hurts.

(via The Guardian)