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The Death of Mr Fiscuteanu

By December 11, 2007July 12th, 2011No Comments

Ion Fiscuteanu, a Romanian stage and film act­or known to inter­na­tion­al audi­ences for his role in The Death of Mr. Lazarescu, died early Saturday in Bucharest. He was 70.

He was a strong char­ac­ter with strong ideas,” Mr. Puiu said of Mr. Fiscuteanu. “Every day he told me how much he hates Bucharest, how much he hates his char­ac­ter, how much he hates play­ing this char­ac­ter, but he accep­ted it and had to go to the end.”

The Death of Mr Lazarescu was my favour­ite film of 2006. It did not get a com­mer­cial release and is unavail­able on loc­al release DVD (even from Aro St). And yet you can buy a Transformers Special Edition Box Set – there is no justice in this world.