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The Death of Mr Fiscuteanu

By December 11, 2007July 12th, 2011No Comments

Ion Fiscuteanu, a Romanian stage and film actor known to international audiences for his role in The Death of Mr. Lazarescu, died early Saturday in Bucharest. He was 70.

He was a strong character with strong ideas,” Mr. Puiu said of Mr. Fiscuteanu. “Every day he told me how much he hates Bucharest, how much he hates his character, how much he hates playing this character, but he accepted it and had to go to the end.”

The Death of Mr Lazarescu was my favourite film of 2006. It did not get a commercial release and is unavailable on local release DVD (even from Aro St). And yet you can buy a Transformers Special Edition Box Set — there is no justice in this world.