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By January 19, 2009No Comments

I got back a couple of hours ago from a family holiday, three generations of Slevins having a very relaxed time of things in sunny Hawkes Bay. I managed to go almost cold turkey on the the Internet apart from one breof period where I updated the Academy Cinemas web site for the new week. By Saturday however I found myself trying to read the tiny type on the Nokia 6120 web browser. It’s instructive that the two sites I chose to look at were Public Address and Daring Fireball. Perhaps I should purge everything else from my RSS feeds and spend more time in the sun in 2009?

Anyway, apologies for not having the Summer Film Review posted yet — it went to print in the Capital Times last Wednesday — nor have I updated the capsule reviews to the right. This is obviously sub-optimal performance and will be remedied over the next few days.