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By July 15, 2009October 14th, 2009One Comment

Still about a month behind posting reviews, sorry. At least the Now Showing column actually reflects what is playing in Wellington at the moment. I’ll get some review excerpts in there as soon as I can but that’s it for me tonight. If you’re still looking for online reading try Robyn Gallagher’s site:

The national anthem of Eastbourne is polar fleece. The national bird is a mosaic letterbox number, created at an evening craft course. Eastbourne is where you grew up, where you visited your grandparents, where your boyfriend lived, where you’re bringing up your family, and where your parents have retired, all rolled into one.

She’s used her sick leave well, giving the place a good spruce up, but the writing is why we visit.

One Comment

  • Robyn says:

    Aw, thanks, Dan! I discovered that being bedridden-ish is good for fiddling around with one’s blog. I also went through and added tags to all my old posts in a Codral-fuelled frenzy.