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UK Film Council shuttered

By Asides, Cinema and Current Events

In New Zealand we have a conservative government and our Film Commission has just been reviewed. In the UK, the new Conservative-Lib/Dem government decided to just shoot theirs in the head:

This decision could prove devastating to an entire generation of film-makers; for all its ups and downs, the Film Council has got involved with the likes of Armando Iannucci, Andrea Arnold, Lynne Ramsay, Peter Mullan, Sam Taylor-Wood, Kevin McDonald and Pawel Pawlikowski. How much credit the council can take for their film-making is up for debate, but it has at least functioned as the connective tissue between such disparate talents.

(There’s a section on the demise of the UK Film Council in The Guardian and more reaction at the excellent aggregator

Sigourney Weaver and the Dogs of 9/11

By Asides

Sigourney Weaver in Esquire’s What I’ve Learned:

I volunteered to serve food to the workers at Ground Zero after 9/11. There were dogs trained to find living people. The people who worked with the dogs became worried because the day after day of not finding anyone was beginning to depress the animals. So the people took turns hiding in the rubble so that every now and then a dog could find one of them to be able to carry on.

“the aurora that is SHATNER”

By Asides, Cinema and TV

Shatner interviewed in GQ (via @saniac):

Resistance is futile, of course. You aren’t in Shatner’s presence ten minutes before he reverse-engineers your emotional state; first, you adopt those conversational rhythms of his—everywhere, the jelly!—and then, by God, you start to feel the enthusiasm of your words, an enthusiasm inevitably heightened by your knowledge that this is WILLIAM TIBERIUS FUCKING SHATNER! you are dealing with, the most meta, the most absurd, human being in Western Civilization, and you fall in love with that meta-absurdity, the bonanza of impunity and laughs it generates.

When I did The Immortals recently, the director and I had three shortcuts for line readings: Clarkson, Blessed and Shatner.

“Not our art, but our brush.”

By Asides

A lovely meditation on permanence and impermanance from, of all places, Gizmodo:

She’s made a ghost bike for him, painted a thick-pipe commuter bike white with spray paint. Going to leave it on the corner, chained to a lamp post. She posts a time on David’s Myspace page, lets her friends know when to gather.

Word spreads. She’s pushing the bike down the street, surrounded by hundreds of mourners. They saw her message on his Myspace page. They walk by the bike, tossing down flowers and photographs and messages to David. She didn’t expect this.

Joel Johnson writes too well for gadget blogs. (via Daring Fireball)