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Nomads and imports

By Asides and Cricket

Andy Bull (good British name) talking about English cricket’s nomads and imports in The Spin:

There is no need to mark a dividing line between those who arrived as children and those who made the decision later in life, just as there is no need to draw distinctions between players who have moved from Test-playing nations and those who haven’t. The point is that they decided to come at all. That is sufficient commitment in itself.

That sentiment is true for all walks of life, not just sport.

Good grief

By Asides

Our Education Minister sets the bar for young New Zealanders so low she may actually get over it herself:

If they do nothing other than teach our children to read and write and do maths and be good socialised New Zealand people then they’ve done a really good job.”

[via @publicaddressnz and Stuff]

Nine to Noon again

By Asides

I just got back from reviewing a couple of films for RNZ National’s Nine to Noon show: (500) Days of Summer and An Education. You can listen to the item here, but I also recommend subscribing to the podcast so you can cherry-pick the best of each day’s broadcast.


Dan Slevin reviews ‘500 Days of Summer’, and British drama ‘An Education’ by Nick Hornsby. (duration:9m15s)