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By Asides and Blogging

Tee-hee. Hamish Macdouall just used the word “nacreous” in his Googlies & Grass Stains blog on Stuff. I venture it is the first time that word has appeared on Stuff ever, and that it wouldn’t have sneaked past a Dom-Post sub if it was going in the dead-tree edition. It’s rare that anyone these days uses a word with which I am unfamiliar but this was one I had to check. And the first definition offered by Google (via Merriam-Webster) is spectacularly unhelpful:

: possessing the qualities of, consisting of, or abounding in nacre ;

Well, yes, obviously.

The best laid plans ...

By Asides

So I decided to MySky the Obama Inauguration rather than get up at 5am — just like a football game, as long as nobody tells me the result I can pretend it’s live — and I settled in to watch the CNN coverage at about 7.30am.

And at 7.45am (in Newtown at least) a power cut intervened and even killed the programme I had been watching. Ten minutes later, with power restored, the My Sky started recording again automatically but didn’t have any of the previous footage and by 7.55am it was all talking heads and motorcades. So I missed it. I imagine it was historic.


By Asides, Family and meta

I got back a couple of hours ago from a family holiday, three generations of Slevins having a very relaxed time of things in sunny Hawkes Bay. I managed to go almost cold turkey on the the Internet apart from one breof period where I updated the Academy Cinemas web site for the new week. By Saturday however I found myself trying to read the tiny type on the Nokia 6120 web browser. It’s instructive that the two sites I chose to look at were Public Address and Daring Fireball. Perhaps I should purge everything else from my RSS feeds and spend more time in the sun in 2009?

Anyway, apologies for not having the Summer Film Review posted yet — it went to print in the Capital Times last Wednesday — nor have I updated the capsule reviews to the right. This is obviously sub-optimal performance and will be remedied over the next few days.

More Ebert

By Asides, Dinner for One and Wellington

Roger Ebert on the personal, private places he loves (and the joys of being alone with them, as well as the occasional pleasures to be found in sharing them):

I first visited the Moscow Arms near Pembridge Square in 1970, when the room fee at the hotel now named the Blue Bells was £4 a night. I have never met anybody in that pub. I always sit in the same corner booth. There is a man who comes in every lunchtime, tattooed, bald, and wearing a motorcycle jacket. He is nearly 40 years older now, but he is still there, and it looks like it’s still the same jacket. Has he noticed me crossing his field of vision 50 or 75 times in his lifetime? Certainly not. But if he still comes at lunchtime every day, it is my duty to bear witness, because by now I have become the only person in the Moscow Arms who knows how long he has been doing this, or cares. I believe this includes him.

I too enjoy sitting alone in cafés, restaurants and bars. Indeed this very morning I took brunch at The Cheeky Pipi in Island Bay and, despite the average-ness of the coffee and the meal, I enjoyed the sitting, the reading and the watching.

Some Frank Langella trivia

By Asides, Humour, NZ and Theatre

Here’s a New York Times profile of Frost/Nixon star, and great character actor, Frank Langella. Langella once bought the Broadway rights to the hit kiwi “comedy” Ladies’ Night and author Anthony McCarten told me once of sitting in Langella’s trailer in Hollywood collaborating on the American-ization of the play that may or may not have eventually become The Full Monty. Periodically, Langella would have to excuse himself and visit the set: “Excuse me, I have to go and make love to Ellen Barkin.”