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Unbelievable frustration - semi self-inflicted

By meta and The Net

“What did you do with your Waitangi long weekend, Uncle Daniel?”

Well, nieces and nephews, I spent most of my weekend sitting in front of the computer because Old Grandpa Davies from Auckland wanted a shop for his web site and (me being me) I thought that would be a good opportunity to fix a few issues that had been bugging me with the site since it went live last year.

Of course, the result was that I introduced a few more issues while taking care of the old ones, and foolishly didn’t start testing in Internet Explorer 6 until after the design work was finished. Imagine how I felt at 4 o’clock this morning when I found that something was dreadfully badly broken in IE only. About 75% of our customers, maybe more, use IE so this would be a bad thing.

I decided to sleep on it for a couple of hours and have a fresh crack at it this morning. A long time later, and several aborted attempts at a solution further on, I finally work out that moving the important piece of javascript from the header to the bottom of the body will fix it. Yup, in IE this particular piece of javascript has to load last and every other browser on the planet deals with it. Man, this sh*t drives me batsh*t insane! And the entire world economy is going to be running on this gaffer taped rubbish by the end of the decade.

I’ve got quite a bit of, er, finessing to do but the guts of it is done now so I’ll put my feet up for a bit and watch a DVD and then catch up on last night’s lost sleep. Big cricket day tomorrow, as well finishing the Academy shop to the client’s satisfaction.

Also managed to miss my Capital Times deadline (bummer) so there’ll be a bumper review in next week. and I’m being dive-bombed by moths — what’s that about?

Jiggy-jig with the design

By meta

I’m fooling around with the site theme at the moment so the look and feel of the thing might change drastically between visits.

Just so you know, it’s me and not something else.

ecto Test

By Family and meta

It’s safe to ignore this post, regular reader, as I’m just testing the latest version of ecto (Mac blogging software). It has a Windows version which would make posting from work (ahem) a little easier.

The web frontend to WordPress is fine but I find it hard to actually compose in it – for some reason it doesn’t feel like writing.
Barbara and Aroha Dec 2006
Not sure about ecto on this first look, but there you go.

I’m going to try and drag a photo from iPhoto and see what that looks like. And just to be difficult I’m going to drag it to the middle of the post.

And make it a thumbnail linked to a larger (but not full-size version) of the image. That’s my mother and my niece at Wellington Zoo between Xmas and New Year.

New and Improved

By Cinema and meta

I’ve just got the gig as Film Reviewer for Wellington’s Capital Times and will post full versions of of all the published reviews here, starting tomorrow. My word limit there is slender so I’ll also post on films watched in service of Capital Times readers but not published. I’ll also be adding colour to the printed versions by commenting on screening conditions, coffee and other items only semi-related to the film itself.

The first review appears in the paper itself tomorrow and will be posted here first thing in the morning.

Hopefully, this will result in this little endeavour getting more attention (from me and an audience) than it has managed so far!