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Update update

By Asides and meta

In an effort to get the backlog posted I won’t be lovingly hand-crafting interesting links throughout the next few sets of reviews. They will be illustrated and tagged, but frankly that’s all I have time for at the moment. That is all.


By meta

Two weeks of blog carnage later, here’s the sit-rep:

  • Funerals & Snakes is limping along at
  • Most of the images are intact but they don’t appear consistently and don’t appear at all on search pages
  • the permalinks are busted — any old links here from places like result in 404 errors
  • I’m now about six weeks behind on posting reviews (which were about 90% of what was posted here in any case)
  • At its height this blog was getting a frankly astonishing 30 visitors a day. I’d say that’s down to about zero now.

It’s time to “shit or get off the can” as the saying goes. It’s not worth my time trying to keep this site up to date if I’m only going to be half-hearted about it. And if I want this to be something I can be proud of, I have to put some effort in.

So the next two weeks are going to see a re-thinking and re-energising of the site, re-sulting in a re-design. Pretty much all the old stuff will break in order to be re-made. Hopefully, good old bits of writing will be re-discovered and useful features re-instated.

If you are a re-gular re-ader, make some suggestions in the comments. The biggest change will be the address. This site will become so that I can do something corporate to

It may turn out to be a bumpy ride but I think it will be worth it.

No updates for a while

By meta

I’ve just started the process of migrating the blog (and the other sites I run) to a new host. For that reason I’m going to keep updates to a minimum (i.e. even less than usual) and backup the site so I can bring the thing up on the new host tomorrow.

UPDATE: Obviously this is a lot more complicated than I first thought. The images and uploads are still downloading from the old site and need to be re-uploaded tonight. The plugins and widgets, etc all need to be updated and the blogroll re-populated. Guess what I’m doing this weekend! Still, if you are reading this the DNS changes have worked and that’s something.

ANOTHER UPDATE (5 September, 4.18pm): Still struggling to get the old images seen by the new site (permissions problem) and I’ve also managed to completely munt the email address in the process of changing hosts. If you need to e‑mail me you can use dip.slovak<at> in the meantime.

LATEST UPDATE (11 September, 11.22am): Images are fixed, header is fixed. Sidebars will have to wait until the weekend. Internet only just restored at home/office after a three day outage where I couldn’t work on anything. It never rains but it pours, eh?


By meta

Once again I stop by simply to apologise for the lack of updates and for the reviews arriving so late as to be all but useless to a Wellington cinema-goer. What can I say? Life’s been a bitch. But things are looking up. Today I finished reading “Sag Harbor” by Colson Whitehead at 2am, just in time to review it for Nine to Noon later this morning. In between I managed 650 words for the Capital Times on Gomorrah, The Proposal and A Bunch of Amateurs.

Things should be getting easier over the next few weeks, but Film Festival is almost upon us and I have a stack of preview DVDs to get through. By the weekend I should have got all the outstanding reviews up, and the “now showing” to your right will make some sense too. I’m even threatening to update WordPress to 2.8 and the blog theme too.

Tonight, though, I intend to have some dinner out of the microwave, put the feet up on the couch and watch at least one stored episode of Top Gear so it feels like a night off.

Long time no see

By meta

Well, we got haxxed by some desperadoes and then Google (who appear to police these things) decided that we were unsafe to browse to. Which is probably fair enough considering the state of the haxxing.

Anyway, at the same time I started on this year’s V Energy 48 Hours Furious Filmmaking competition (I manage the Wellington event) and what with one thing and another the site got shoved to one side for a bit. Sorry.

Proper updates will resume next weekend when I’ve recovered from the Wellington Grand Final. In the meantime you’ve got two more nights to see Sammy J in the Forest of Dreams at Downstage.


By Asides and meta

Don’t you just hate it when you have a conversation with someone that (without them meaning to) forces you to examine the way you live your life, the assumptions that you make about yourself and whether you are, in fact, totally kidding yourself? I had one of those today so I’m feeling introspective.

Anyway, I’ve had some technical issues but I’m back now, and the backlog of reviews will make their way to the site shortly.