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By October 10, 2007No Comments

I made my first radio appear­ance in sev­er­al years this morn­ing, filling in for Graeme Tuckett on Nine to Noon for National Radio. Kathryn Ryan is away at the moment so Lynn Freeman from Arts on Sunday was filling in as host – two subs together.

In the seg­ment I stumbled through brief reviews of Half Nelson and The Kingdom and then spoke about the cur­rent con­tro­versy over DVD screen­ings at Rialto in Auckland.

The hard­est part of doing the slot that was estim­at­ing how long I could actu­ally talk for coher­ently. The last thing I wanted was to run out of mater­i­al with the clock still some way off mid­day and then find myself say­ing some­thing like “and how about those All Blacks?” just to fill the silence. So, I told them 10 minutes would be fine and, of course, ran out of time and failed to fit everything in. If there’s a next time I’ll have a bit more con­fid­ence in my abil­ity to come up with mater­i­al but they seemed happy enough and did­n’t have to cut me off or drag me out of the studio.

It’s very cool hav­ing one’s name on the RNZ web site, and even cool­er see­ing it show up in iTunes as a pod­cast. Masochists and fans can down­load my seg­ment here (at least for the next few days).