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2008: A Star Trek Odyssey

By January 8, 2008November 5th, 20107 Comments

In anti­cip­a­tion of the release at Christmas this year of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek XI (back to before the begin­ning with a new cast includ­ing Karl Urban and Simon Pegg) and because I really don’t have enough to do (ahem, that would include Downstage, Capital Times, Latin American Film Festival, Wellingtonista, 48HRS, Newtown Athletic and the com­mence­ment of a Post Graduate Diploma in Business and Administration at Massey) I hereby embark on my long­stand­ing plan to watch all the Star Trek epis­odes and movies in chro­no­lo­gic­al order.

And when I say chro­no­lo­gic­al order I mean in story order which, accord­ing to this Wikipedia entry, starts with “Enterprise” set in 2151 and ends with Nemesis in 2379. Ever the icon­o­clast, how­ever, I intend to start tonight with First Contact which, des­pite fea­tur­ing the TNG crew of Picard, Data, etc. con­tains Zefram Cochrane’s first warp flight, thus lead­ing to all the oth­er stor­ies. Then to Season One of “Enterprise” and onward, hope­fully arriv­ing at the end before I have to review Star Trek XI this time next year.

I won’t be review­ing every entry because, frankly, who cares?

Wish me luck. Live long and prosper.

Or should I say: Resistance is futile.


  • Lady Vaako says:

    What a bril­liant albeit insanely ambi­tious idea! Not that I think it’s not feas­ible but I’m pretty sure it would have to be your only hobby until December 25 for you to reach your goal. I don’t know if you’ve done a little math yet but that’s a total of 698 epis­odes to watch plus 10 movies… wow… O_0

    And as a side note, I’m ridicu­lously happy that Karl Urban will be play­ing Bones. I’m not a fel­low Kiwi like you but he’s def­in­itely my favour­ite actor. 🙂

  • che tibby says:

    so.… that’s maybe 540 hours of view­ing between now and december?

    or more than 10 hours of vei­wing a week?

    prob­ably less than the aver­age TV watcher.

  • Lady Vaako says:

    [quote comment=“7939”]so.… that’s maybe 540 hours of view­ing between now and decem­ber? or more than 10 hours of vei­wing a week?
    prob­ably less than the aver­age TV watcher.[/quote]

    Now that you break it down like that, it does­n’t sound as huge… Hey, maybe he will suc­ceed after all! 🙂

  • dano says:

    Agreed, it does look pretty daunt­ing and I swal­lowed hard when I saw that there were 7 (sev­en!) sea­sons of Voyager. But a US com­mer­cial hour is only 42 minutes and you can fast for­ward through the open­ing and clos­ing cred­its to save even more time. I could get through an entire sea­son of The West Wing in a wet week­end that way.

    And I’ll cheat a little fur­ther by put­ting eps on my iPod to watch on the bus or while I’m wait­ing for a movie to start.

    No wor­ries.

  • dano says:

    And, wow. My gravatar worked!

  • che tibby says:

    does­n’t mean it won’t require ded­ic­a­tion, many many bags of chips, and some of those adult nap­pies to save hav­ing to get up off the couch.