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The Return of the Incredibly Strange? [UPDATED]

By February 21, 2008One Comment

Filmhead Ant Timpson has let slip that we may see the return of a stand-alone Incredibly Strange Film Festival. He has set up a Facebook group called Incredibly Strange with the manifesto:

This is the base of all things Incredibly Strange in New Zealand.

- Incredibly Strange Film Festival
— Incredibly Strange TV
— Incredibly Strange Video
— Incredibly Strange Movie Marathon

Join up and keep up to date with all things strangeness in New Zealand.

Below that he makes the comment:

Methinks I forgot to press the ‘keep secret’ button for the group. Oh well… the cat will be out of the bag soon enough.

The last Becks Incredible Film Festival was in 2004. Since then it has been absorbed into the International Film Festival, under the That’s Incredible banner, but it never had quite the same anarchic recklessness that made it essential viewing. If it’s back, that would be cause for some rejoicing.

Update (24 March 2008): It would appear from sources close to the situation that the Festival is not coming back (at least not as an independent event). The That’s Incredible component of the International Festival is likely to be re-branded Incredibly Strange to take advantage of certain televisual synergies available to organiser Ant Timpson. Watch this space.

One Comment