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By April 19, 2011No Comments

Here in New Zealand we can cel­eb­rate the open­ing of the new “climate-controlled haven” for our cine­mat­ic treas­ures, newly con­struc­ted in seis­mic­ally unchal­lenged Plimmerton. This is a good thing.

But in the UK the BFI are in the middle of a strik­ingly sim­il­ar (though scaled rather dif­fer­ently) devel­op­ment in Warwickshire, only their pro­ject is being doc­u­mented by Patrick Keiller. I say again, the great Patrick Keiller has spent four months wan­der­ing around the build­ing site with a cam­era. The BFI are hope­ful that the foot­age “will be edited into a new artist­ic work”.

Patrick Keiller shooting the BFI Film Store project in Warwickshire.

Patrick Keiller shoot­ing the BFI Film Store pro­ject in Warwickshire.

On the sub­ject of Mr. Keiller, I reit­er­ate my hope that his new film Robinson in Ruins will be a centre-piece of this year’s Film Festival.