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Review: The Devil Wears Prada and more ...

By Cinema and Reviews

This week’s Capital Times cinema review: The Devil Wears Prada (Directed by Dravid Frankel); The Guardian (directed by Andrew Davis); Gridiron Gang (directed by Phil Joanou); Renaissance (directed by Christian Volckman); C.R.A.Z.Y. (directed by Jean-Marc Vallée); Who Killed The Electric Car? (directed by Chris Paine)

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Review: Brick and more ...

By Cinema and Reviews

This week’s Capital Times cinema review (as-yet un-annotated): Brick, directed by Rian Johnson, World Trade Center, directed by Oliver Stone, Garfield : A Tale of Two Kitties, directed by Tim Hill, Tristram Shandy: A Cock & Bull Story, directed by Michael Winterbottom

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Friday Night at the Movies

By Cinema and Wellington

This Capital Times gig is proving more fun than a barrel of monkeys. I’m falling in love with cinema all over again. What I’m not falling in love with are cinemas themselves – or should that be some cinemas. Or, more specifically, some people in some cinemas.

Tonight at World Trade Centre in Readings 3 I had the misfortune to sit next to three people who simply would not shut up. Supposedly witty comments sprinkled liberally throughout the film meant I would happily have slapped them upside the head with my notebook. However, they paid for their ticket and I didn’t so …

And as for Brick in Cinema 7 later tonight: what is it with people texting during a film? Little blue lights everywhere, like little glow-worms in a cave. One young woman left to answer her phone but actually answered it before she got out of the cinema!

It will be a while before I brave Readings again on a Friday night. I’m planning a trip out to the new cinemas that have opened in the last 12 months (Village Queensgate and Lighthouse Pautahanui) so I can see whether standards are any different out of town.