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iTunes Sentience (pt 2)

By Hurricanes, iTunes, Music and Wellington

Gary Numan - Complex sleeveApologies for the lack of entries this week. The real world has intervened – but in a good way for a change. This sunny afternoon, preparing to take in my first two Fringe shows of the season, iTunes threw Gary Numan’s live version of Bombers at me, followed by New Order — Shellshock.

What a great way to start the weekend!

I’ll try and squeeze the Hurricanes and Cats in between shows and if I can pull that off I’ll be a very happy man.

Tonight’s Cricket

By black caps, Cricket and Sport

20/twenty, or 20–20, or whatever they call it officially got my vote this evening. Very cool. As a consumer that just committed to Saturday’s first ODI, I am thrilled at the West Indies fight-back. As a Black Caps fan my response has to be: ????

Other thoughts…

  • Chris Cairns was either wearing a shirt that was a little bit too small or he had a very enjoyable Christmas
  • I hope they iced Bravo up big-time as I want to see him at his best on Saturday
  • Chris Gayle’s afro is awesome — I love it. Like Jimi Hendrix without the headband.
  • Nobody can bowl straight under pressure except for Shane Bond!

The Revenge of Gaia

By Current Events

The Guardian reviews James Lovelock’s updated warning to humanity about the state of our planet:

Lovelock is at pains to suggest escape routes, most controversially by calling for the rapid expansion of nuclear energy programmes, the one large-scale, carbon-free type of power generation we possess.