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“the odious smell of truth”

By Current Events

Heroes and Villains from the NY Times (mostly villains)Review of James Risen’s book, State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration in the New York Times by Walter Isaacson:

So welcome to the new age of impressionistic history. Like an Impressionist painting, it relies on dots of varying hues and intensity. Some come from leakers like those who spoke to Risen. Other dots come from the memoirs and comments of the players. Eventually, a picture emerges, slowly getting clearer. It’s up to us to connect the dots and find our own meanings in this landscape.

Currently behind the NT Times doofuss-wall and in seven days behind the full-blooded paywall.

More One Red Dog

By Food & Drink, Restaurants and Wellington

During what we laughably call research for the post below I stumbled across this page for One Red Dog at where they say:

Nine years ago One Red Dog pioneered the gourmet pizza in Wellington.

Ahem, bullshit, ahem. Gourmet pizza in Wellington was pioneered by Calzone nearly 15 years ago (“Chicken, Cranberry & Brie” … hmmmnn) even if, when they named themselves, they believed that the Italian version of the cornish pasty was going to be their mainstay.

I remember thinking when they opened (in the old BNZ branch on the corner of Courtenay Place and Cambridge Terrace) that it was a brave move opening a restaurant opposite the Embassy Theatre. Now there’s nothing else.

And, of course, Calzone isn’t what it was, but that’s another story.