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Ron Greenwood

By Football, Hammers and Sport

West Ham United Crestpassed away yes­ter­day at the age of 84. He was the West Ham man­ager when I was just old enough to know what was going on and the England man­ager who restored some pride after we failed to qual­i­fy for the 1978 World Cup.

And as sev­er­al oth­er people have noted, the 1966 World Cup was won on the train­ing fields of Chadwell Heath as the spine of that side (Hurst, Moore, Peters) had grown to prom­in­ence under Greenwood at West Ham, win­ning the FA Cup in ’64 and the Cup Winners Cup in ’65.

And I heart­ily endorse the sug­ges­tion that the new East Stand at Upton Park be named the Ron Greenwood Stand if and when it ever gets built.

Out & About

By Hurricanes, Rugby, Sport and Wellington
  • Late this after­noon saw All Black and Hurricanes hook­er Andrew Hore wan­der­ing aim­lessly around the Courtenay Central Whitcoulls, then stand­ing aim­lessly (if that’s pos­sible) at the Molly Malone’s corner. I know they only train for a couple of hours a day but couldn’t they give him a Playstation or something?
  • Dinner at Curry Village on Allen St – review to come;
  • Followed by drinks at the Paramount – gos­sip to come (prob­ably not such a good idea);
  • Ended with my first vis­it to Boogie Wonderland on the Paramount ground floor: a won­der­ful trans­form­a­tion of a huge space. Obviously a bit quiet on a Wednesday but there would have been about 25 people there when I left (after 1.00am). It is a theme club and the theme is very lame but if you get there before mid­night you can get that nightclubby exper­i­ence without the nightclubby crowds. Music is like listen­ing to Classic Hits VERY LOUD and they don’t take requests, no mat­ter how good they are.
  • Too tired to put the rub­bish out. My bad.

“the odious smell of truth”

By Current Events

Heroes and Villains from the NY Times (mostly villains)Review of James Risen’s book, State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration in the New York Times by Walter Isaacson:

So wel­come to the new age of impres­sion­ist­ic his­tory. Like an Impressionist paint­ing, it relies on dots of vary­ing hues and intens­ity. Some come from leak­ers like those who spoke to Risen. Other dots come from the mem­oirs and com­ments of the play­ers. Eventually, a pic­ture emerges, slowly get­ting clear­er. It’s up to us to con­nect the dots and find our own mean­ings in this landscape.

Currently behind the NT Times doofuss-wall and in sev­en days behind the full-blooded paywall.

More One Red Dog

By Food & Drink, Restaurants and Wellington

During what we laugh­ably call research for the post below I stumbled across this page for One Red Dog at where they say:

Nine years ago One Red Dog pion­eered the gour­met pizza in Wellington.

Ahem, bull­shit, ahem. Gourmet pizza in Wellington was pion­eered by Calzone nearly 15 years ago (“Chicken, Cranberry & Brie” … hmmmnn) even if, when they named them­selves, they believed that the Italian ver­sion of the cornish pasty was going to be their mainstay.

I remem­ber think­ing when they opened (in the old BNZ branch on the corner of Courtenay Place and Cambridge Terrace) that it was a brave move open­ing a res­taur­ant oppos­ite the Embassy Theatre. Now there’s noth­ing else.

And, of course, Calzone isn’t what it was, but that’s anoth­er story.