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The Return of the Spelling Police (Wellington Division)

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Over the last couple of weeks both the Penthouse and the Paramount have upgraded their websites — the Penthouse scores marks for having their session grid available only a click away from the front page and the Paramount scores bonus marks for having the session grid right there on the front page — no extra clicking.

Paramount loses serious marks because the film titles aren’t clickable! You have to go to another menu to read about the films. Counter-intuitive, dudes.

My favourite aspect (in a schadenfreude-y sort of way) of the Paramount’s new design is the lack of attention to detail, as displayed in the following image (snapped today, may have been fixed by the time you get there but it has been like that for more than three weeks):


Notice how they manage to mis-spell the title of the film and all the members of the cast. Re-spect to Altman, though, as they got him right.

To prove that I’m not picking on them, here are a couple of choice Wellington chalk-typos. The first from a couple of weeks ago outside <forget the name, on the corner of Cuba and Vivian>:

Duck Brest
(click to enlarge)

And my favourite, from outside The Caledonian last Summer (the blackboards and fences have since been taken down by the new management):

Big Screen Cricet
(click to enlarge)

Film Society Programme 2007

By Cinema and Wellington

The programme for 2007 has been announced and listed on the Society website. I’ll do a proper preview in a few days (for Capital Times and for here) but you can go ahead and investigate now.

Featured directors this year are François Truffaut and Sam Fuller and there are seasons of films from Brazil and France.

Like last year, I have entered all the screenings into Google Calendar and you can have a look or subscribe to the feed by clicking the button below:

Funerals & Snakes heartily recommends membership of the Film Society, and if you use that membership to get all the available discounts around town it’ll hardly cost you a bean.

Friday Night at the Movies

By Cinema and Wellington

This Capital Times gig is proving more fun than a barrel of monkeys. I’m falling in love with cinema all over again. What I’m not falling in love with are cinemas themselves – or should that be some cinemas. Or, more specifically, some people in some cinemas.

Tonight at World Trade Centre in Readings 3 I had the misfortune to sit next to three people who simply would not shut up. Supposedly witty comments sprinkled liberally throughout the film meant I would happily have slapped them upside the head with my notebook. However, they paid for their ticket and I didn’t so …

And as for Brick in Cinema 7 later tonight: what is it with people texting during a film? Little blue lights everywhere, like little glow-worms in a cave. One young woman left to answer her phone but actually answered it before she got out of the cinema!

It will be a while before I brave Readings again on a Friday night. I’m planning a trip out to the new cinemas that have opened in the last 12 months (Village Queensgate and Lighthouse Pautahanui) so I can see whether standards are any different out of town.

iTunes Sentience (pt 2)

By Hurricanes, iTunes, Music and Wellington

Gary Numan - Complex sleeveApologies for the lack of entries this week. The real world has intervened – but in a good way for a change. This sunny afternoon, preparing to take in my first two Fringe shows of the season, iTunes threw Gary Numan’s live version of Bombers at me, followed by New Order — Shellshock.

What a great way to start the weekend!

I’ll try and squeeze the Hurricanes and Cats in between shows and if I can pull that off I’ll be a very happy man.

Out & About

By Hurricanes, Rugby, Sport and Wellington
  • Late this afternoon saw All Black and Hurricanes hooker Andrew Hore wandering aimlessly around the Courtenay Central Whitcoulls, then standing aimlessly (if that’s possible) at the Molly Malone’s corner. I know they only train for a couple of hours a day but couldn’t they give him a Playstation or something?
  • Dinner at Curry Village on Allen St – review to come;
  • Followed by drinks at the Paramount – gossip to come (probably not such a good idea);
  • Ended with my first visit to Boogie Wonderland on the Paramount ground floor: a wonderful transformation of a huge space. Obviously a bit quiet on a Wednesday but there would have been about 25 people there when I left (after 1.00am). It is a theme club and the theme is very lame but if you get there before midnight you can get that nightclubby experience without the nightclubby crowds. Music is like listening to Classic Hits VERY LOUD and they don’t take requests, no matter how good they are.
  • Too tired to put the rubbish out. My bad.