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The Return of the Spelling Police (Wellington Division)

By Cinema, Cricket, Food & Drink and Wellington

Over the last couple of weeks both the Penthouse and the Paramount have upgraded their web­sites – the Penthouse scores marks for hav­ing their ses­sion grid avail­able only a click away from the front page and the Paramount scores bonus marks for hav­ing the ses­sion grid right there on the front page – no extra clicking.

Paramount loses ser­i­ous marks because the film titles aren’t click­able! You have to go to anoth­er menu to read about the films. Counter-intuitive, dudes.

My favour­ite aspect (in a schaden­freude-y sort of way) of the Paramount’s new design is the lack of atten­tion to detail, as dis­played in the fol­low­ing image (snapped today, may have been fixed by the time you get there but it has been like that for more than three weeks):


Notice how they man­age to mis-spell the title of the film and all the mem­bers of the cast. Re-spect to Altman, though, as they got him right.

To prove that I’m not pick­ing on them, here are a couple of choice Wellington chalk-typos. The first from a couple of weeks ago out­side <for­get the name, on the corner of Cuba and Vivian>:

Duck Brest
(click to enlarge)

And my favour­ite, from out­side The Caledonian last Summer (the black­boards and fences have since been taken down by the new management):

Big Screen Cricet
(click to enlarge)

Film Society Programme 2007

By Cinema and Wellington

The pro­gramme for 2007 has been announced and lis­ted on the Society web­site. I’ll do a prop­er pre­view in a few days (for Capital Times and for here) but you can go ahead and invest­ig­ate now.

Featured dir­ect­ors this year are François Truffaut and Sam Fuller and there are sea­sons of films from Brazil and France.

Like last year, I have entered all the screen­ings into Google Calendar and you can have a look or sub­scribe to the feed by click­ing the but­ton below:

Funerals & Snakes heart­ily recom­mends mem­ber­ship of the Film Society, and if you use that mem­ber­ship to get all the avail­able dis­counts around town it’ll hardly cost you a bean.

Friday Night at the Movies

By Cinema and Wellington

This Capital Times gig is prov­ing more fun than a bar­rel of mon­keys. I’m fall­ing in love with cinema all over again. What I’m not fall­ing in love with are cinemas them­selves – or should that be some cinemas. Or, more spe­cific­ally, some people in some cinemas.

Tonight at World Trade Centre in Readings 3 I had the mis­for­tune to sit next to three people who simply would not shut up. Supposedly witty com­ments sprinkled lib­er­ally through­out the film meant I would hap­pily have slapped them upside the head with my note­book. However, they paid for their tick­et and I did­n’t so …

And as for Brick in Cinema 7 later tonight: what is it with people tex­ting dur­ing a film? Little blue lights every­where, like little glow-worms in a cave. One young woman left to answer her phone but actu­ally answered it before she got out of the cinema!

It will be a while before I brave Readings again on a Friday night. I’m plan­ning a trip out to the new cinemas that have opened in the last 12 months (Village Queensgate and Lighthouse Pautahanui) so I can see wheth­er stand­ards are any dif­fer­ent out of town.

iTunes Sentience (pt 2)

By Hurricanes, iTunes, Music and Wellington

Gary Numan - Complex sleeveApologies for the lack of entries this week. The real world has inter­vened – but in a good way for a change. This sunny after­noon, pre­par­ing to take in my first two Fringe shows of the sea­son, iTunes threw Gary Numan’s live ver­sion of Bombers at me, fol­lowed by New Order – Shellshock.

What a great way to start the weekend!

I’ll try and squeeze the Hurricanes and Cats in between shows and if I can pull that off I’ll be a very happy man.

Out & About

By Hurricanes, Rugby, Sport and Wellington
  • Late this after­noon saw All Black and Hurricanes hook­er Andrew Hore wan­der­ing aim­lessly around the Courtenay Central Whitcoulls, then stand­ing aim­lessly (if that’s pos­sible) at the Molly Malone’s corner. I know they only train for a couple of hours a day but couldn’t they give him a Playstation or something?
  • Dinner at Curry Village on Allen St – review to come;
  • Followed by drinks at the Paramount – gos­sip to come (prob­ably not such a good idea);
  • Ended with my first vis­it to Boogie Wonderland on the Paramount ground floor: a won­der­ful trans­form­a­tion of a huge space. Obviously a bit quiet on a Wednesday but there would have been about 25 people there when I left (after 1.00am). It is a theme club and the theme is very lame but if you get there before mid­night you can get that nightclubby exper­i­ence without the nightclubby crowds. Music is like listen­ing to Classic Hits VERY LOUD and they don’t take requests, no mat­ter how good they are.
  • Too tired to put the rub­bish out. My bad.